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Papaya with notes of plum and other refreshing fruits, go ahead fetch some more!
  • Throw power 88%
  • VG 70%
  • Complexity 65%

Dog's life

Smooth vanilla custard and other hidden delights. It’s as relaxed as a nap in the sun!

  • Chill factor 90%
  • VG 70%
  • Complexity 87%

Tail Chase

Lemon Creams or Fruitloops? Round and around and around you go!
  • Fun factor 95%
  • VG 70%
  • Complexity 77%

Good Boy

RY4 is your reward, treat yourself with this great all day vape that never gets old.
  • Obedience 100%
  • VG 75%
  • Complexity 89%

Roll Over

Banana and Yogurt, a yummy treat for you to savor, Roll Over and enjoy the flavour!

  • Rotation 100%
  • VG 70%
  • Complexity 68%


Prickly Pears carefully picked and skinned then cut and mixed in with ripe and juicy Fig’s to create a succulent Mariachi band song of flavours. We then topped it with our signature Ice to bring back some kick and to cool you down in the Mexican desert heat. Visit Mexico and be a Gringo for the day.

  • Chill factor 90%
  • VG 70%
  • Complexity 87%

MR Slinky

It’s Melon Dessert nothing tricky,  so stretch your taste buds with Mr Slinky


  • Stretch 90%
  • VG 80%
  • Complexity 70%

Jelly Monster


Jelly Packet, Opened to snack it,
Could not wait for it to set,
now your finger is red.
Jelly Monster hiding under your bed!

  • Fruity 90%
  • VG 70%
  • Complexity 65%


Panama brings together Pineapple and Watermelon on a plate of fruits with a canal of ice to refresh you on your exotic journey.


  • Cool Breeze 90%
  • VG 70%
  • Complexity 80%

Rainbow Monster

Allow your taste buds a tinge of bliss, with hints of bright-hued happiness, inhale that rainbow you’ve been chasing, and satisfy your monster craving.

  • Rainbow 100%
  • VG 70%
  • Complexity 60%

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